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Football is tough. Court reporting can be, too!


The 2017 NFL season kicks off tonight with a Thursday Night Football game on NBC.

Tyreek Hill and the Kansas City Chiefs will take on Tom Brady and the defending champion New England Patriots.

In Nashville, the weather has cooled off, so it definitely feels like football season. Should be a great night to watch football!

Football is tough. Court reporting can be, too . . .

- Keeping a clean record when two passionate attorneys are debating a topic.

- Working all night for an overnight transcript turn-around.

- Proofreading the testimony of an expert witness.

It's not always easy. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

At Harpeth, no matter how challenging the situation, we never let Lucy pull the ball out of our reach. You can always count on polite, friendly reporters and fast, accurate transcripts. We are tackling the court reporting industry with technology & innovation that transforms how the business is done.

To celebrate the NFL kickoff, we are offering a promotion for new clients. Just mention "NFL 2017" when booking and new clients will receive a $50 appearance fee discount on the first job booked between now and Dec 31, 2017.

You can book online at Or you can email or call (615) 933-6786.

Go Pats! (Go Chiefs!)

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