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First-ever lunar deposition

In recent years, the online April's Fools Day pranks have really ramped up. Sometimes it can be a bit too much, but we still get a chuckle out of many of them.

Here are some of our favorites from this year:

- Google is always a leader in this trickery and they have delivered several again this year. Google Gnome will mow your lawn for you.

- Although we tend to use Waze (which Google already acquired), The Ms Pac-Man game add-on to Google Maps is very cool.

- Since we mentioned Waze, they seem to be mapping out Mars now.

- And lastly from Google, a couple entries from Google international teams -- Google Netherlands has released Google Wind. And Google Japan has an idea for a keyboard that seems fun but perhaps not very durable or eco-friendly.

- Moving away from Google, T-Mobile Onesie is something every kid would love. But in this video, adults are wearing it...

- Petlexa from Amazon is a real breakthrough for our furry friends.

- I think my husband would prefer Jim Beam's bourbon rather than their new beans.

There are many more out there. See what you find and feel free to send them our way. Enjoy April 1st!

Regarding the blog post title -- no, we didn't recently cover a deposition on the moon, although we hear that the Martians v. Klingons case is really heating up. But we would love to cover any legal proceedings for you in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin areas. In addition, we have recently started accepting nationwide bookings. Just give us a call or book online. We will get you covered!

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